We constantly hear about keeping mindfulness while we practice meditation from everyone everywhere. Why is that? Why is it gaining so much importance lately? Many expert Life Coaches say that our brains stop developing in our early twenties, at least that is what we used to think but in the light of new research we can say that our experiences are not the only thing that can shape our neural development. Mindfulness meditation does the job too and it gives us more ways than one to exercise our brains and expand its capabilities. Read on to find out how:

Did You Know About These Incredible Physical Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation?

  •    Meditation practice when done regularly and with total conviction is said to improve our immune function. People who meditate produce more antibodies to flu vaccine than the ones who don’t.
  •    Meditation also increases telomerase which can reduce cell damage in our body.
  •    And we all know that mindfulness in meditation along with a balanced diet is often linked to weight loss.
  •    People who practice meditation regularly can easily lower their blood pressure and reduce their heart attack risk by 50% over a period of 5 years.
  •    Meditation also reduces cortisol levels in our body which is responsible for raising blood pressure and stress.

Some Of The Most Amazing Mental Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation!

  •    Meditation is said to increase neural connections in our brain.
  •    It also strengthens myelin which is the protective sheath present on our neurons facilitating signaling in our brain.
  •    When we practice it in a calm and favorable environment without any disturbances, it is said to enhance our attention span and also improve concentration among students who need it the most.
  •    It is said to increase activity in the prefrontal cortex of our brain which is responsible for planning and judgment.
  •    It also positively impacts the anterior cingulate which is the seat of emotional regulation, learning and memory.
  •    Just by meditating for about 30 minutes every day for 8 weeks one can increase their gray matter in the regions of their brain related to memory, sense of self, and empathy.
  •    Students who are habitual of meditating prior to their exam can perform better than students who are not.
  •    Researchers claim it can improve one’s cognitive functioning.

There Are Plenty Of Emotional Benefits As Well Of Mindfulness Meditation

  •    It is extensively linked to easing out the symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  •    Experts also claim that it decreases nervousness and self-doubt.
  •    One can experience an increase in focus and concentration as well.
  •    It also helps turn off negative self-talk or rumination.
  •    Meditation when done right also reduces our emotional reactivity and controls aggression, and fear.
  •    This when practiced on a daily basis can make us more compassionate.