Is getting unstuck is in your priority list? Does stress frustrate and confuse you? If your answer is Yes

It is time to get unstuck and take charge of your life!!!

In this article, I will speak about why we feel stuck in some habitual patterns and how to get unstuck.

People often cycle between a lower catabolic energy* (such as depression, sadness grief, apathy, where they withdraw, feel helpless, like a victim) and higher catabolic energy states (such as defiance, anger, conflict, blame, and resentment etc.)…

When a depressive state like fatigue, sadness, despair, shame, guilt, loneliness, victim-hood or anxiety increases to such a level or time span where nothing has happened to resolve the issue.

People shift, sometimes very quickly and unexpectedly, to anger, blame, defiance, resentment, frustration or aggression.

The anger energy state stays active, until with no resolution, it subsides back into depression.

People’s physiology is down when they are on the left side of the crazy eight.

As people move out from apathy, sadness, grief they move to anger, which expresses itself most often as resentment.

The body’s physiology is also affected. the energy, the tension, and the pressure increase.

Nobody can sustain this high catabolic energy for long, so after a while, the energy shifts to the other side of the crazy eight and the energy, tension & pressure decreases.

According to Tony Robbins American author and a life coach, this concept is called “The Crazy 8 “.

Like all human behaviors, the crazy 8 is based on people trying to get their needs met.

It’s useful to look at the crazy 8 in relation to the six human needs.

The six human needs 

According to Tony Robbins, the reason we do the things we do is to be able to fulfill certain needs, there are 6 human needs:

– Certainty: the need to be safe, secure and comfortable.

– Uncertainty/Variety: The need for physical and mental stimulation

– Significance: The need to feel special and important

– Love and connection: The need to be loved and to be connected to other

– Growth: The need to develop and grow

– Contribution: The need to do something beyond yourself

When a person is in “ The grief & sadness side” they are trying to:

1-To fulfill the need of Certainty: people will feel safe when in this state because it’s predictable and they’ve experienced it before.

2- To fulfill the need of Significance: Sadness and depression make them feel unique and special.

3- To fulfill the need of Connection with people: They will feel sorry for them.

4- To fulfill the need of Connection with themselves: They are more kind and attentive to their own needs.

When a person is in “ The anger side” they are trying to:

1-To fulfill the need of Certainty: which is the feeling of safety and predictability.

2-To fulfill the need of Significance. When angry people express their frustration and rage they feel that they exist and matter.

3-To fulfill the need of Need of connection and this is a very painful way to get the need for love met. Nobody can tolerate an angry person for a long time.

Finally, for both sides, the person will experience and fulfill the need of Variety just by shifting from A state of depression to anger, and vice versa.

So the crazy 8 is basically a way in which people deal with internal conflict. And people go from low catabolic energy (draining energy) to high catabolic energy.

The cycle will keep going until they decide to go out of this madness hence the name “the crazy 8”.

How to get unstuck from this cycle:

There are two ways two get out: A negative and a positive way.

A negative way but it’s only temporarily.

Usually, people will focus on something that they feel in control of: like work, others will use distraction like alcohol, gambling, taking drugs, eating, social media, casual sex, shopping….

And the positive way is by uncovering energy blocks (problem/pattern) that are holding them back from success, and happiness.

So how can a person do that?

  • They can do that by changing their “Model of the world”, their perceptions, thoughts, self-limiting belief, and also by paying attention to their “assumptions” and their “interpretations”.
  • Living in the moment is a great way to be present and not dwell in the past.
  • Forgiving themselves and others will help the person to let go and create new possibilities.

Now that you are familiar with the crazy 8 please take a moment and write down three top emotions that you experienced most often in a crazy eight.

Ask yourself: which emotion is the strongest for me?

It is important to focus on one emotion in particular because that emotion is responsible for sabotaging your efforts and pulling you back into the crazy eight.

With a help of a Life Coach a person can change:

  • Their model of the world
  • Remove the psychological obstacles that are standing between them and their dreams
  •  Reaching a state of mindfulness.

*Catabolic meaning: it is a draining, and contracting energy.

Many thanks to Tony Robbins, Cloé  MadanesBruce D Schneider founder (iPEC).

  Zara Borja