You have been to Tony Robbins, you have followed everything he said, you have even walked on fire and felt like a superhero. Now you are back home and you are unstoppable. You have already written your goals and chunked them into small pieces. Now is the time to execute, you are doing well, you are following the schedule and everything seems perfect. You have stopped blaming the outside world, you have started dealing with your inner issues, and you thought you were fine. Suddenly, you hear that little voice in the background, that voice that never stops talking.
You have probably thought to yourself: “how can this be possible? Why can’t I stop my mind from producing these thoughts?”. So you then venture and you ask the voice: “what are you doing here, get out?”
But you get a response you don’t want to hear:“I live here, I am only here because of you, and I am not going anywhere.“

This response was unsatisfactory, it wasn’t what you wanted to hear, so you ask again in hopes of a different reply: “Please enlighten me. Don’t ridicule me. How am I the one to blame?”.
But the voice is persistent, glorifying in its self-righteousness: “Don’t you remember how many times I saved you from yourself? The amount of times I was there for you through all of your trials and tribulations? I was born and strengthened through all of that. I was created to help ease your pain and protect you. You needed me. You still need me. I would never hurt you. My intentions are good.”But a realization occurs and you acknowledge that these constant thoughts in your mind were, in spectrum, manipulating and weakening. These thoughts are crippling and are holding you back from your true being.One cannot grow and achieve the goals they want if they keep feeding into inside and outside opinions that are meant to dishearten them. Seeking guidance is only helpful if it is true and meant for one’s well being. Any breathing creature has to go through obstacles and challenges to reach their full potential.

It is possible to learn from all those experiences and the challenges faced can be used to strengthen ones path. It is impossible to prosper if weakness is not acknowledged and corrected.

The voice is not right all the time. The voice is only limited to the knowledge it receives. It is made up of all insecurities, hardships, and disappointments. It doesn’t help, it holds back. The voice isn’t what gives you the courage to walk on fire or commit to pursuing a goal. It is only yourself, in the right mindset, and the people around you who are optimistic and supportive that get you through it all.

Anyway, dear voice, your help is no longer needed. No matter what occurs, it is my decision. Nothing and no one will ever stop me again because to reach the next level I must go through the fear of trying and trust myself. Whatever happens, happens; and there is no failure in perseverance.