“We’re teaching people to change the way they think, in order to influence the world around them.”

When you are feeling out of sorts, unfulfilled, or unsatisfied, know there is optimism on the other side.

“Design Your Destiny Program ” will help you knock down Barriers and Build a Balanced life. It will also help you Unveil Your Potential to Transform YOUR Destiny.


Why take  “Design your Destiny”  Program?


You will Learn to:

  • Turn apathy into action
  • How to lead the way
  • Forge forward with a successful future
  • Heal and find true happiness
  • Rev up your relationships
  • Attract positivity and progress
  • Explore endless possibilities
  • Visualize a positive path
  • Affirm your abilities
  • Reframe your state of mind
  • Find your purpose
  • Dive into your destiny!

On top of that, you will still go up from there as you use the timeless tips and tools to further fine-tune your future into something phenomenal.


The program has 4 phases:

The first phase– the Exploration Phase- is designed to help you explore where you are right now and adopt some universal truths into your belief system. This phase will also arm you with some tools that will prepare you for the next phase.

The second phase – the Deprogramming phase – is about altering your conditioned mind. We see the world through lenses, some of which are useful while others hinder our progress. Phase two will allow you to see the events as they are: FACTS without judgment, assumptions, or interpretations.

The third phase is the Rewiring phase, in which you will connect with your true identity and all your exceptional gifts.

The fourth phase, Thriving, you will discover that you have always been unstoppable.

  • You will know who you are and what you want.
  • You will understand your purpose in life and what drives you every day.
  • You will be ready to build and create anything.

This Program is about going beyond the realm of our habitual patterns.  It’s about unleashing your full potential and stepping out the well-worn comfort zones.

Who this course is for:

This course is for anyone who would like to improve some aspect of their life.



  • Master the art of transformation and reprogramming your mind through 90 hours training delivered via live 82 hours, and 8 hours interactive webinars in just 3 months.
  • Unlimited Support throughout the program.
  • Access to a private “tribe” of like-minded people.
  • Constant Guidance and accountability to keep you crystal clear and on track.
  • Find Out your E-Factor: Assessment + 90 minutes debrief.
  • Student manual: With 146 pages of written exercises to integrate what You’ve learned, get the clarity you always wanted, and push yourself outside of your comfort zone in a supportive way.
  • 90 minutes one on one coaching at the end of the program to create an action plan.
  • Free Monthly Supervised meeting Groups throughout the year to review the program.

Training Dates:

Online Classes for 2021 will be announced soon.


Regular Tuition: $3,495.

Early Registration Discounted Tuition$3195 when paid in full one month in advance. Tuition less a $100 processing fee will be refunded if you cancel your registration up until two weeks prior to the start of the training.