In today’s world, many of us are disconnected from the spiritual traditions we grew up with, if we were introduced to any at all. More often than not, we have difficulties balancing our jobs, partners, relationships, finances and emotions. We struggle to make do with whatever resources we have in order to meet our deeply held needs and reach out desired life, career and relationship goals.

Yet many of us feel an inner yearning for “something more”. We know instinctively that we need to find deeper, more satisfying spiritual based solutions, yet the quest for a personal connection to the divine can be challenging. However when we do indeed find this divine access, we also find fulfilment, peace, healing and direction for our life; a direction rich with possibilities, opportunities and hope.

‘Create Your World’ is the brainchild of Zara Borja, a well respected spiritual and life guidance coach who helps individuals define and explore their purpose and values, walking a path of discovery alongside her clients, with an open heart and mind. ‘Create Your World’ is about manifesting the life you want by connecting to something bigger than ourselves.

By remembering and honoring that connection, people can cultivate feelings of love, compassion and awareness. The philosophy was developed to enable Zara’s clients and group coaching members expand their comfort zone and to create a better reality where they are fulfilled and in tune with the universe. With a strong emphasis on spirituality and mental toughness, as well as the tools that she has learnt from NLP and similar courses, Zara helps people change their self perception in order to better decisions. In turn, they’re able to gain a new or deeper understanding of the world they live in and the energies that flow within it.
In particular, Zara focuses on eliminating negative self beliefs, judgments and self-talk, by helping to heal past wounds and shift her clients into a positive mindset. She works on developing their alter ego and understanding the laws of attraction, which gives them a sense of empowerment to help with navigating life’s difficult challenges. She’s also focused on helping individuals understanding their emotional truth and uncovering any internal blocks to happiness. Using a series of self perception exercises, she helps people understanding who they truly are by learning to listen to their intuition. She also offers spirituality courses designed to help individuals discover their true purpose and manifest what they want in life while finding appreciation and joy.

Zara also advocates balancing one’s spirituality with a strong and powerful mentality. Her approach helps individuals to also be in control of their state of mind so that they can make better choices. She believes that combining spiritual laws with a tough mentality provides better outcomes and creates stronger results when worked on together.
While placing emphasis on evolving spirit, soul and self, Zara also delivers powerful, personalised, caring advice, helping to increase individuals’ confidence. In turn, they are able to develop their inner perception, emotions and spirituality to live a more purposeful existence with a greater sense of control over their life experience. In her work, Zara acts a guide to unleashing self-trust and compassion. She gives individuals the tools to inspire and drive a positive change in helping reach their ultimate life goals by encouraging a highly personalised, spiritually attuned and mentally tough approach to their success, thus evolving the concept of ‘Create Your World’ into a daily, essential and dominant lifestyle value.

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Create Your World Master Class

Master Class - Unleash Your Alter Ego

When you are happy with yourself and clear about your beliefs and values, this will be reflected in their spirit and strengthened in your mind. Learn how to look below the surface, and use simple but powerful spiritual and life guidance tools to balance life, and create your best world.

eBook - The Alter Ego Within

eBook - The Alter Ego Within

Learn what it takes to create a better version of yourself – who you really want to be and not a version that society demands. Stop being conditioned by negative beliefs about yourself, by society and by the old version of you.

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