Deep Card Deck

Learn how to Identify & Dismantle Assumptions and Limiting Beliefs…Change your Story. to become a better version of yourself. The Deep Card Deck online course helps you understand the problem, identify the root and receive specific guidance on how to solve it.

Have you ever felt like you were underutilizing your talents?

You know…
When you’re certain there’s great potential inside you.
But day after day, you watch yourself making poor choices.

Sometimes, though…
You know there’s a better way to do things and realize more satisfying results.
But you can’t quite find your way there.
And as a result, you maintain the same old patterns.

Other times, however…
You’re unable to see yourself rising above your current situation.
You know, that feeling when you wish and hope that you have what it takes.

But there’s this voice…
A voice deep down inside you, telling you to let all those aspirations go.

And when you listen to this voice…

In the end, you:

  • Feel trapped in a spot.
  • Are limited by patterns in your life.
  • Sense something greater inside but can’t bring it out.
  • Find yourself haunted by past mistakes.
How To Deal With Negativity

Objective Perception…

Is an illusion

Imagine you’re wearing blue-tinted glasses, and you walk into a white room.

Now, naturally…

Everything will appear blue because the glasses change the color of light as it enters your eye.


Yes, right…

Okay, what I’m trying to say is this:

  • What you’re currently experiencing in your life is similar to this analogy – just on a grander scale. Your life experiences are your tinted glasses…
  • Your life experiences are your tinted glasses…
  • And everything you see now (opportunities, challenges) is the white room.

And as you can surmise…

If you take specific care, you will never see things as they really are.

Instead, you’ll walk around convinced that you’re surrounded by things designed to keep you down.

Because you see…

Every time you encounter a problem, you don’t just interpret it based on objective facts.


Your past failures color your perspective as well.

And you NEED to understand that this has catastrophic consequences.

How To Deal With Negativity
How To Deal With Negativity

It means you tend to:

  • Incorrectly recognize opportunities.
  • Run away from positive relationships.
  • Avoid moving to the next level.
  • See threats as harmless.

…All because your experiences have conditioned you to see something else!

But don’t fret just yet…


Well, because there’s a solution!

You can learn to take apart these patterns and replace them with new ones…

New ones that can help you thrive!

And that’s what the Deep online course is all about!

The Deep Online course helps you:

  • Identify the challenges or issues you’re facing.
  • Dig deeper for even more information.
  • Change your story
  • Change your past
  • Create a functional action plan.
  • Take action to reach your ideal reality.

Of course, we’ll get into how you can use it to the fullest in a minute.

But first…

We need to delve into the problem.

The problem:

Interpretations, Assumptions & Limiting Beliefs

These are the culprits holding you back.  And because they are rooted in your experiences…

Well, you’ll need deliberate action to correct the course.

If you alter how you perceive your reality even by a millimeter, you can change it


The Deep Card Deck:

This is how you break free

Just as these patterns were learned, they can be unlearned.

You see…

The key here is to ask powerful questions that challenge your current thought process and guide you to a new, more productive way of thinking.

But, look…

You can’t just ask yourself easy questions.


It doesn’t work that way…

You need to look deep within yourself, using questions that help you access your psyche.

We’ve designed The Deep Card deck to help you do exactly that!

The deck is divided into four categories, each representing a critical part of your journey.

➔ Category 1: Define

The questions in category one help you identify the problem. So, you can forget about beating around the bush. Instead, prepare to face the challenge square on!

You’ll also be guided through questions like:

  • What seems to be my main obstacle in achieving my goal?
  • Did I play any part in creating this problem?

➔ Category 2: Limiting beliefs

This is where we get to work. Category two helps you identify the limiting beliefs that have inspired unproductive actions.

You’ll answer questions like:

  • What is the belief I want to change?
  • How does this belief serve me?
  • What positive changes will I experience if I discard this belief?

➔ Category 3: Interpretations

The questions in this section allow you to examine how you’ve interpreted the information around you. More importantly… They will challenge you to build new patterns of interpretation that SERVE you.

Look forward to questions like:

  • What is another way to look at this?
  • Are my interpretations based on facts or opinions?

➔ Category 4: Assumptions

You must also challenge the thought processes that lead you to certain decisions. And more often than not, these thought processes are riddled with assumptions that don’t serve us. That is what category four helps you tackle!

You can look forward to questions like:

  • What if I tried another approach?
  • What makes me think this way?

I’ve broken the course down into four modules:

Module 1: Self-discipline

You will learn How:

  • How to Adopt an experimental approach
  • How to embrace uncertainty
  • How to find value in everything
  • How to challenge your perception

Module 2: Challenging Your Story

You will learn how to:

  • Identify your life script
  • Change your story
  • Create a reward System
  • Let go of your old story and celebrate your new one.

Module 3: Tools and Resources

The tools featured in this module will help you:

  • Cut away unnecessary information and focus on what will benefit your growth.
  •  Manage your thoughts, avoid repeating past mistakes, and reach the goals that matter most to you. 

Module 4: Stay on track with deep card

You will learn in a few steps:

  • How to use the card deck and take full advantage of its benefits.
  •  How to stimulate deep and thoughtful reflection to help you brainstorm different solutions.

I’m going to level with you…

The questions in this deck aren’t easy.


If you’re absolutely serious about confronting your unproductive behaviors and swapping them for something better…

Then you NEED to get this.

The course will clarify your thoughts, eliminate unwanted filters, and change the meaning you gave to your past.

After getting your deck, I recommend setting aside a couple of hours on the weekend and getting ready to change your situation!

By signing up for this LIFE-CHANGING COURSE, you will get the following:

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