Knowing your Why: Discovering your Purpose in life

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Insights

“Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.” ― Paulo Coelho, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

I hate to use a cliché, but sometimes, a cliché has become known as such because it’s so painfully true. So, I’ll just go ahead and say that life has no instruction manual. Nor map. We’re not provided with a compass at birth, and as hard as we may look, there’s certainly no sign saying “this way!”

So what are we to do to find a little direction in this life? What is the meaning of life?

A quick fact: very few people are born knowing exactly what they want to do in life.

Why you should care about your “why.”

Very often these days, we’re just encouraged to go with the flow and see where it takes us. Unfortunately, this philosophy does us a great disservice. The world often rewards intention.

What does it Mean to Discover your Purpose?

When you have a purpose, you express yourself through it and base your emotions, actions, thoughts, and decisions around that overarching purpose. It begins to shape your life. Streamline it, even. So naturally, it’s something we should all want to find. And while there’s no step-by-step guide, there are some ways we can help ourselves to find our “why.”

How do I Discover my Purpose in Life?

Be honest with yourself

Before setting off on the road toward your purpose, it’s best to know where you’re coming from – where you stand. So, here are a few question that can give you a glimpse into what matters to you, and thus, what your purpose may be.

• These are few questions that will help you find your why:
• If money wasn’t an issue, what would you do with your time?
• What makes you lose track of time?
• What is something you accomplished in the past that you’re proud of?
• What moment from your childhood are you most proud of?

The answers to these questions will form the first rungs on your ladder toward a higher meaning.

Trial & error

It’s a mistake to think that our purpose is a fixed destination. You will not arrive at it one day.

Where you will find meaning is in every step along the way. The wisdom, strength, and experience you draw from not only challenges and strife but also simple day-to-day happenings

What’s your driving force?

Reach into your soul and try to determine a few things. The first being what thoughts make you happy. What feeds you emotionally and spiritually? Does the belief that you could make the world a better place motivate you? What about making your friends’ and families’ lives easier? Maybe you simply want to be smarter, kinder, and a better you.

Whatever it is – hold onto it and use it to propel you forward.

Surround yourself with the right people

Despite what we think, the company we keep holds sway over our mindset, attitude, and approach to life. Likewise, how we’re treated by our acquaintances and friends can also influence our self-image significantly.

Being in the company of those who uplift you and those who are also searching for meaning with an open mind can help change your thought patterns and provide you with a new perspective on not only life but also yourself.

Try new things

All too often, we let the fear of the unknown stop us. But pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones is actually good for us. Trying new things not only helps us conquer those fears but also expands our minds and learn—both about said new thing and ourselves.


Reading books connects you to other people across time, place, and cultures. This evokes a sense of profound connectedness that generates a sense of purpose in life while helping you to be more understanding of others and their own journeys through life. To get your reading started, I can recommend Simon Sinek’s Book “Start with Why” enough.

Transform the bad into good

While the past can seem suffocating, it can also be our number one asset when it comes to helping others overcome their own troubles. In fact, research has shown that doing just that can be an immensely rewarding task that gives meaning to our lives as we feel we’re contributing to the greater good.

Have patience

No one finds their life’s meaning overnight. In fact, you could say it’s the work of a lifetime. Since you create and ultimately find your purpose, it takes constant effort, perseverance, and a willingness to wait.

Finally …

Good things come to all those who wait. As your purpose forms, you’ll feel a new drive alongside a very welcome sense of peace. Your purpose becomes your armor against life’s woes, pushing you forward in the face of darkness, providing you the strength and motivation to keep moving forward and becoming a better you. If you want to dig deeper and follow your purpose in life, our course “unleash your alter ego” will help do just that. So, why not get your journey started with us today? We promise to guide you towards finding meaning, step by step, and with tried and tested methods. We look forward to hearing from you!

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